How connectMLS Clients mark listings in the Portal (favorites, not interested, etc.)


When you email listings to a connectMLS Client, they have the ability to mark them with three different levels of interest:

  • Favorite
  • Maybe
  • Not Interested

Regardless of the report they are viewing in their Portal, Clients are able (but are not required) to mark individual listings with one of these 3 levels of potential interest.


When viewing listings in the single line report, there are three icons towards the top center :



2022-06-28_12-57-06.jpg Clicking the heart icon marks the listing as a Favorite .

2022-06-28_12-57-06.jpg Clicking the heart/question mark icon designates the listing as a Maybe .

2022-06-28_12-57-06.jpg Clicking the thumbs down icon marks the listing as Not Interested .


When viewing the Full/Detailed report, the icons are in the upper right corner of the listing:




On the thumbnail report, the icons appear at the bottom of each listing:




Note: when a Client marks a listing with the thumbs down icon (Not Interested), that listing will be removed from their Portal so they will not see it anymore.


As an agent, there are a couple different ways for you to keep tabs on any listings in which a Client shows a level of interest (or lack thereof).

On the connectMLS home page, the Client Activity widget will notify you if a Client has marked a listing as a Favorite or a Maybe:




You can also see listings that a Client has marked by going to the My Clients icon in the upper right corner:





Once your Client list opens, click on the desired Client's name and it will display their Dashboard.
Much like the Client Activity widget, any listings they have marked will appear in the center of the screen.  You can also click the Favorites tab (toward the top right):





While on the Favorites screen, you can use the drop down menu in the upper right to select the types of interest you would like to view:





Here's a closer look at the options in the drop down menu:







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