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If you have a client who needs to find a unit on the first floor, you can do so easily through connectMLS. This can apply to either a Condo for Sale or for Rent. The process is the same for either property type (in this article, we will do it from the perspective of a Condo for Rent).

Start off by going to Search> Listings> Residential Rental :




When you are on the search screen, click the Add/Remove button in the bottom right (this allows you to add a field that is crucial for this type of search):




The field you need to add at this point is the Unit on Floor Number field. When the Add/Remove Fields window opens, you can either scroll through the list of available fields on the left side of the screen (it is in alphabetical order) or you can start entering the name of the desired field in the top left corner:



Once you find the field, click the + to add it to the search (it will appear at the bottom of the list of fields on the right side of the screen).  You can then use drag and drop to rearrange the fields and move the new field up if you would like, or simply click the Save Changes button in the top right.

That will bring you back to the search screen, and the Unit on Floor Number field is now on the search.

The Unit on Floor Number is a range, so it has two fields (a minimum and a maximum).  If you are looking just for units on the first floor, enter 1 in both fields:





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