Exclude criteria/features from your connectMLS searches


There is a switch in the bottom left corner of connectMLS search screens called Show Advanced Options:



By default, all of the fields on search screens are set to be inclusive fields.  This means you can make multiple selections or entries in the field and connectMLS will look for properties that match any of the criteria.  An example of this would be the City field.  You can choose to search within multiple cities and connectMLS will find matching listings in any of the selected cities. 

Some fields, however, have built-in logic that allows them to switch from being inclusive (or) fields to exclusive (not) fields.  

When you click the Show Advanced Options switch, the search screen will refresh and some of the fields (including City) will have a drop down menu added to them:



You can use the drop down menu to switch the field from inclusive (Equals Any) to exclusive (Equals None).  When you do so, connectMLS will exclude the selections you made in the field and return listings that do not match those criteria.

Using the same example with the City field, switching from Equals Any to Equals None will exclude the cities you've selected (in this case Milford and New Haven) and only show matching listings in all other cities:



Note: if you would like your search to always open with the Advanced Options fields enabled, you must set your default search while you've got Show Advanced Options open.




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