See attached documents in connectMLS


Any public documents that the list agent has uploaded to the listing are located within the Additional Info menu.

If you are on the List View (single line display), there is an Info icon on the far-right side of the listing:



Clicking the Info icon opens the Additional Information window:



Any public-facing documents will appear in the top left corner (in the Associated Documents section).  Clicking any document will open up a PDF document.  If desired, you can print the document or download a copy to your local computer.

You can also access other resources from this window, including the listing history, map views, online appointment scheduling and much more.


There are a couple of buttons in the upper right corner of the window:



The Prev and Next buttons enable you to scroll through your search results and see the additional information section for each (if you are working with more than one listing).

Clicking the Details button will switch your report from the List View to the Full Detail report.




If you are viewing listings in the Full Detail report, Additional Info is accessed in the upper right corner of the report:



That opens a column on the right side of the report that not only allows you access to the listing's public documents, but all of the other resources we saw in the Additional Information window from the icon on the single line display:




It is quite helpful to use the pin 2022-04-21_12-32-36.jpg at the top of the column to lock the Additional Info column in place:




The Additional Info column will now automatically appear on the right side of all of the listings you are currently looking at.  You do not have to open it individually on each listing you view:







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