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The Market Activity widget on the connectMLS home page is like a hotsheet that is displayed in the form of a bar graph. Unlike a traditional hotsheet that displays all status changes together in one report, you can use the Market Activity widget to just look at one specific status change type (New listings, for instance) without having to weed through all of the other change types that you may not be concerned with.

Market Activity is broken down into four sections:




  1. All Activity displays all of the status changes for the entire MLS for the selected property types and time frame. 

  2. My Activity is a breakdown of your own listings.

  3. Office Activity shows the listings within your office for the selected property types and time frame.

  4. Company Activity displays the listings for your entire organization for the selected property types and time frame.


After you have selected the desired section, you have several options to help you narrow your focus even further:



  1. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the section to choose the property type(s) you would like to see. You can choose one, multiple or all property types.

  2. Use the smaller drop-down menu to select your desired time frame. Currently, your options are today, 1 day back, 3 days back, 1 week back, 2 weeks back, 3 weeks back and 1 month back.

  3. Use the Customize icon 2023-05-24_12-02-48.jpg toward the top right to configure the search parameters to meet your specific needs:







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