Radius search in connectMLS


After you have entered any other search criteria (price, beds, baths, etc.), click the Map Boundaries field (at the top of the search screen):



This will open a map that will display pins or groups (depending on your zoom level) for matching listings.

Click the Center On button in the top left of the map and enter the center point of your radius:



After you type the address, hit Enter on your keyboard and the map will refresh, placing the address you entered at the center of the map:



Now, go up to the top left of the map and click the circle boundary icon: 



Enter the size of your desired radius (in miles) and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. You will get a blue circle on your map with the address you entered at the center:



Click the Apply button in the toolbar at the top left of the map:



Your map will refresh once more and any listings that match your search criteria that also fall within the radius will appear as dots. The dots will be different colors based on the status of the listing:



Clicking any of the dots will display summary information about the property:



Click the photo to view all of the listing's photos, or click any of the text to view the Full Detail report.

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