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If you need to contact another SmartMLS agent and need to find their information, connectMLS makes it easy to perform an agent search. 


The quickest way to find an agent is to use the SmartBar at the top center of the screen:




Just type ag and the agent's first or last name. As you type, Connect will start displaying matches:




You do not always have to type the full name. Once you've typed enough letters, click the desired agent from the list.


If you know their SmartMLS ID, you can also type ag and their MLS ID in the SmartBar:





You can also perform a search for agents through the Search menu.

Go to Search> Agent/Membership> Member:




Make sure the Search Type drop down (in the top left corner) is set to Member.
You can then search for an agent using several different fields including Agent type, Last Name/First Name, City or Office Name:




Note: you can use the percentage sign (%) as wildcard.  For instance, if you just type mak% in the last name field, you will get any agents whose last name begins with Mak.

You can also use the wildcard to find names that have a specific string of characters in any part of their name.  Typing %jam% in the last name field find the last name of Benjamin as well as the last name of James or Jamison.


After you finish entering your search criteria, clicking View Results will display any matching roster records in a single line report:




You can click on the last name link to view the agent's information in a more friendly business card format:






From the SmartMLS app

If you're accessing Connect from the SmartMLS app and need to search for agents, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner (in front of the SmartBar):




When the menu opens, tap on Search:




Go down towards the bottom of the menu and tap Member Search:




There is a drop-down menu at the top of the search screen that allows you to choose the type of search you'd like to perform (Member, Office, Team or Team Member):







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