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There is a process in place whereby any Contact that is added or edited in Matrix is automatically added to the My Clients list in connectMLS. There is nothing additional you need to do. You will not have to use these instructions to import your Matrix contacts into connectMLS, but you will need to follow these instructions to import contacts from any other program. 



connectMLS makes it easy to import contacts from other programs. The first part of the process is to go into the program that has your contacts and export them to a .csv file. 


Once you have exported the contacts, click the My Clients icon in the upper right corner of connectMLS:




Click the Import icon towards the upper right side of the screen:




The Import Contacts window will open:



  1. Use the Choose File button to find the .csv file that you created when you exported Contacts.
  2. Select .csv (Comma-delimited text).
  3. Click Continue.


At this point, connectMLS takes a look at one of the contact records you are importing and compares its fields to fields that are present in the connectMLS system.

The imported contact's fields are in the Sample Value column on the left side of the screen. Use the drop-down menus on the right side to match that field to its counterpart in connectMLS:




If there is not a corresponding field in connectMLS (middle name, for instance) select Not Imported.

Go through the entire list (there are about 30 fields) and repeat this process, then click the Continue button (in the upper right).

Your selected contacts will be imported into connectMLS and will appear in the My Clients list:



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