Edit auto email in connectMLS


If you need to make changes to an automatic email you have set up in connectMLS, start off by going to the Prospecting icon:





You can also use the link at the bottom of the Saved Searches widget on the connectMLS home page:





Once you are in the Prospecting Manager, use the drop down menu in the upper left to filter the type of saved search you are working with:





Locate the auto email you want to modify and click the Edit 2022-04-08_10-44-59.jpg icon:





connectMLS provides you many ways to adjust your auto email to make sure it perfectly suits your client's needs. We're going to break it down over two screenshots, since there are a lot of fields/settings you can modify:




  1. Change the client associated with this auto email. You can either select a different client that already exists in connectMLS or add a completely new client (by clicking the Add a new client button).
  2. Click Edit Filters to change the search criteria. This will open up the existing search screen and allow you to add/change/remove fields. Make sure to click Save Changes when you are done adjusting the search criteria.
  3. Change the search's name.
  4. Change the search from automatic to manual (or vice versa).
  5. Adjust the day(s) of the week that the search runs, or change it to Real-time.
  6. Adjust the time(s) of day the search runs. You can have it run up to six times a day. This only applies to searches that are not Real-time.
  7. Choose whether you want the search to run immediately when you save your changes (or wait until the next scheduled time).
  8. Choose whether you want to see only those listings that match since you adjusted the search (or see all matching listings).


  9. Choose when you would like the search to expire (there is a maximum of 180 days).
  10. Choose how long prior to the search's expiration you will be sent a warning message.
  11. Configure notification settings for when the search is run. If you would like to review the properties before deciding which get sent to the client (formerly known as Concierge Mode), put a dot in the second circle (Screen search results before sending to client).
  12. The Messaging Options section allows you to send an email to the client even when there are no matching listings (not available for Real-time searches). You can also choose to get a blind carbon copy (BCC) of the emails sent to your client or to completely delete the search when it expires.
  13. Select the template you want used for the initial message.
  14. Select the template you want used for recurring messages (when new/changed listings are found).
  15. Remember to click Save Changes when you are finished. Click Save New if you want to keep the existing settings in place and create an additional, brand new saved search/auto email.




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