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The process of scheduling a showing depends on where you are within the connectMLS system.


If you are on the List View (single line) report, go off to the right side and click the Info icon 2023-06-21_10-09-24.jpg:




When the Additional Information window opens, go to the Tools column and click Schedule a Showing:






If you are on one of the detailed reports (ex: Full Detail), click the Additional Info button in the upper right:




Then click Schedule a Showing:




You can also scroll down to the Listing Information section towards the bottom of Full Details report and click the Schedule a Showing link:






You can even schedule showings from listings that your client has marked as Favorites within their client portal.

Click the My Clients 2024-01-04_9-12-34.jpg icon in the upper right:




Locate the desired client and click their name.

Go towards the top right and click the Favorites tab:





Use the check boxes on the left to select the listing(s) your client would like to see, then click View in Search:





That will display the selected listings in the List View report. 

Select them with the check boxes on the left, then click the ShowingTime icon in the upper right:







Regardless of how you get there, after you click Schedule a Showing, the following screen will open:



1. Specify how you would like to be notified when the list agent confirms your showing 

2. Put a check in the box to agree to the Terms & conditions.

3. Click Select a Single Showing (or Add to ShowingCart if you are scheduling a bunch of showings in a row for the same day).


Then, select the day and time you would like to show the property:




Any date/time slots in black are not available.  The times have either already passed or the black slots represent confirmed appointments for other buyer's agents.

Slots that are in light grey represent a restricted time on the list agent's appointment calendar. An appointment may not be started on that time slot, but a showing can occur during it as long as the appointment starts at an earlier time (so it meets the listing's minimum appointment length requirement).


You will get a notification when the list agent confirms your appointment.



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