Pin report functionality in connectMLS


When you are viewing the Full Detail display, there is a pin icon 2023-02-03_15-30-27.jpg in the upper right corner:



If you click this icon, connectMLS will lock the Full Detail report in place on the right side of the screen and leave the List View report on the left side of the screen:



Both reports are now in the foreground and are equally accessible and fully interactive.

Clicking on any of the listings from the List View (on the left) will display that property in the Full Detail on the right. 

Additionally, clicking the locate on map icon 2022-03-11_11-28-56.jpg on a listing in the List View will switch the left side of the screen to a map, with that listing in the center. It will also display that listing in the Full Detail report on the right side of the screen.


Prior to pinning the Full Detail report, when you're viewing a group of listings in the List View and switch to the Full Detail (either by clicking on the Detail Report icon in the upper left or by clicking on any of the search results), the Full Detail opens in the center of the screen and the List View will be shaded and relegated to the background:



Pinning the Full Detail report to the right side of the screen makes the entire screen fully interactive, rather than having parts that are active and others that are inert and forced to the background.


You can unpin the Full Detail by simply clicking on the pin icon again:




That will place the Full Detail report back in the center of the screen, with the List View report shaded and in the background. 





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