connectMLS's Full Detail report


There are a couple of features in connectMLS that are similar to the tabbed displays (Agent/Client Full and Flyer) in Matrix.

Across the top of the Full Detail report there are a bunch of Jump-to Links that allow you to quickly navigate to a specific area of the report:




Clicking on any of the links will bring you directly to that specific section.

This can be very helpful if you do not want to have to scroll down a lengthy report just to see some information in a section at the bottom.

There is a big orange button in the bottom right of the screen that will bring you right back to the top of the report:




This orange button floats, so it will always be in the bottom right of the report regardless of which section you are currently viewing.


There is also an Additional Info link at the top right of several reports that allows you to access a plethora of information about the property, such as tax information, mapping, property history, attached documents and much more!




You can also access 3rd party app integrations (keybox reports, driving directions, flood reports, etc.) from the Additional Info list:




If you click on the pin icon at the top of the Additional Info list, it will lock the list in place on the right side of the report so it stays there, even if you switch to another listing or open a different search.





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