View an agent's sales production in connectMLS


If you want to see all of the Closed listings an agent has been associated with, go to Search> Listings> Cross Property:



A Cross Property search allows your results to include multiple (or all) property types.

When the search opens, if you only want to include some property types (rather than all of them), you can use the use the Cross Property Type field to select the exact property types you would like to include in your search:



Use the Status field drop-down menu to remove the checks in Active and Coming Soon and put a check in Closed:



After selecting Closed, you can use the first two fields to enter a number of days to look back:



Or use the 3rd and 4th fields to enter a date range for Closed listings:




Note: you can only use one or the other. If you enter a number of days and then hit the Tab key to move to the date range fields, it will wipe out the numbers you entered in the first two fields.

Click the X in the upper right corner to close the window and get back to the search screen.

The Status field will update to reflect the time frame you've selected:




Now we need to use the Add/Remove Fields button at the bottom right of the screen to add a field that will allow us to narrow down our search to an individual agent:



Scroll down the list and add the Agent ID(s)- for Agent's Combined Listing & Sales Activity field:



By default, when you add a new field to a search screen, it will be placed at the bottom of the screen. If desired, you can use drag and drop to change the order of fields.

Click Save Changes in the upper right of the window.


The Agent ID(s) field will appear on the search screen. Enter the desired agent ID:



This will show all Closed listings (for sale and for rent) the agent was associated with, regardless of which side of the transaction (buyer or seller) they were on.





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