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You can adjust the connectMLS search screens and reports so that they are optimized for how you use the MLS. Get more out of your connectMLS experience by customizing it to your personal work habits.

Let’s start by opening up a search screen.

SmartMLS has preconfigured the search screen with the fields that have historically been used most frequently by our users:



We have also tried to incorporate the most logical order of fields on the search screen. However, this out-of-the-box configuration might not work best for you.

Thankfully, connectMLS is very flexible and the search screens can easily be configured into a layout that is just right for you!


The Add/Remove Fields button in the bottom right corner of the search screen enables you to change the fields that appear on the search screen, as well as the order in which they appear:


After clicking Add/Remove Fields, you will see a window with two columns- an alphabetized list of available fields displays on the left, and the fields that are currently on the search screen display on the right:


If you would like to add a field to the search, just scroll down the list of available fields and click the plus sign next to it. You can also use the Filter field at the top of the column to enter the name of the field you would like to add- the list will update and display any fields that match what you’ve entered.

To remove any unwanted fields from the search screen, simply scroll down the list on the right until you find the field, then click the X next to it.

Once you have all of your desired search screen fields in the right-hand column, you can reorder them using drag and drop. Click the Save Changes button at the top right of the window when you are finished.

When you’re back on the search screen, the customizations you just made should appear. 

You can also set up fields to always populate with specific data. For instance, if you only work within a certain county, you can set up the search to always open with that county selected. 

To save these changes, click the Defaults button in the upper right, then click Save Current as My Default:



The next time you open up the same type of search, all of the customizations you just made will appear.


connectMLS also allows you great flexibility when you are viewing the results of your search. 

After you have entered all of your search criteria, click View Results to see the matching properties:


The listings will display in a single line report, known as the List View. In the top left corner, click on the Show Filters button to add your search screen to the left side of the screen:


This is a convenient way to view the criteria you used during the search while simultaneously viewing the matching properties. You can even adjust your search criteria and the matching properties will update in real-time.

Click the Hide Filters button if you would like to remove the search portion and just view the listings:




You can also add a map to the screen by clicking the Show Map button in the top left: 




Your listings and search criteria will remain on the screen and a map will appear in between them, displaying a green dot for each of your search results:




If you would like to just see the search screen and map, click the Hide List button. The listings grid will disappear from the right side and the map will enlarge and encompass the majority of the screen.


You can have any combination of the three sections (search fields, listings and map) on the screen simultaneously. You can even change the sizes of the map and listings sections by placing your cursor on the three dots in between the two and dragging:




Now we’re going to remove the filters and map, so just the List View is on screen. To do so, just click the Hide Map and Hide Filters buttons in the top left.

Much like with the search screens, SmartMLS has also pre-configured the reports within connectMLS with the fields we have found to historically be most popular amongst our users. We have also tried to group information in the most logical arrangement possible.

While on the List View, you may find that we have included some fields that are not as important to you, or that there are others that you cannot function without. connectMLS makes it very easy for you to set up the List View with the fields and order that works best for you.

Click Modify Columns towards the upper left corner of the report, then go to Edit Columns:


This opens a window that is very similar to the one we saw earlier when we were customizing the search screen. The list of available fields is on the left, and the fields that are already on the report are on the right: 


Click the plus sign next to the available field to add it to the report. Click the X next to an existing field to remove it. Use drag and drop to set your desired order of fields. When you’re done customizing the report, make sure to give it a name in the Custom Table Name field, then click Save. The screen will refresh and your new custom report will display.


In addition to configuring a new version of the List View for yourself, you can also easily create a report from scratch. Go back to the Modify Columns button in the upper left (the button may actually say something different if you are currently viewing a custom report), click Edit Columns and then click the Advanced tab:




Select Display fields in horizontal/columnar report to create a single line report, or Display fields in a vertical/side-by-side report if you want more of a comparison report:




One of the more popular formats SmartMLS has had in the past is a 3-Up Comparison report. Let’s see how easy that is to replicate in connectMLS.

Put a dot in front of Display fields in a vertical/side-by-side report and use the Number of records per report drop down menu to select 3:




Now, go through the list of available fields on the bottom half of the window and select those you would like to include on your 3-Up report. Note: these fields are based on those you've included on the Fields tab. If there are any fields you'd like to add or remove or rearrange, you can do so by clicking Fields in the upper left.

For each field you choose, you can also choose how the field name is going to display: Short Name, Long Name, System Name or Custom Name (which allows you to enter your own name for the field). You can mix and match and use any combination of the four options.

When you’re done, use the Custom Table Name field at the top of the window to give your new custom report a name, then click Save. The screen will refresh and your new custom 3-Up report will display.


Now, let’s jump back to the List View. All we have to do is click the drop-down in the top left that shows the name of the custom 3-Up report we just created and select System Default:




While in the List View, you can take a look at detailed information for any individual listing by clicking on its list number. That will superimpose the Full Detail report on top of the List View, allowing you to see all of the property’s information:




In the upper right corner of the report, there is a push pin icon that will lock the Full Detail report in place on the right side of the screen and still allow you to see all of your search results on the left: 




You can click on any of the listings on the left to view its detailed report. The listing you are currently viewing will be shaded blue in the list:




There is an Additional Info link in the top right of the detailed report that gives you access to even more resources through a pop up menu:




By default, this menu is hidden until you click Additional Info. However, you can lock it in place by clicking the pin icon:




Now, the list of Additional Info resources stays in place on the right side of the detailed report, providing you many ways to interact with the current listing, including printing, emailing, scheduling showings and much more:




It is also quick and easy to switch between agent and public-facing versions of the detailed report. Just click the Client-Friendly switch in the top right of the report:




Doing so will hide any sensitive information and provide a display that is appropriate to share with anyone outside of the MLS. Clicking the Client-Friendly switch a second time, which changes the color from orange to white, switches the report back to agent-facing. 

If you would like additional assistance with the basics of performing a search and interacting with listings in connectMLS, there is a helpful self-guided search tour available through the Settings menu. Click your initials or photo in the upper right, then go to Settings and click Enable Search Page Quick Tour at the bottom of the Settings page.


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