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connectMLS is available from most mobile devices. Many features are responsive, which means that connectMLS can recognize your device’s screen dimensions and adjusts its layout accordingly to provide an optimal user experience. As a result, when accessing connectMLS from a mobile device, many features will have an app-like appearance with intuitive navigation, convenient buttons and larger text.

While there is an app you can download for access to connectMLS [search the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Google) for smartmls], you do not need to download or update an app in order to access the MLS on the go with your smartphone or tablet. All mobile-friendly features will automatically be activated and adjust based upon the device’s screen size.

Although no app is required, you can still add an icon to the home screen of your mobile device to provide easier access to the system. The actual process for creating home screen shortcuts varies based on many factors, including operating system and the age/version of the device being used. If you have created shortcuts for other apps on your device in the past, the same process should work for connectMLS.


After signing in, you’ll notice that the My MLS home page provides access to all of the same widgets and shortcuts that are available from the desktop view: 




connectMLS’s innovative mobile responsive functionality means you can do all of the things you do on your laptop or desktop from your mobile device.

The most commonly used functions are available in a bar across the top of the screen. Additionally, the vast majority of the home page widgets appear as large buttons in the center of the screen.

The SmartBar is located at the top of the screen and functions just the same as it does when accessed from larger screens:




Tapping within the empty SmartBar provides instant access to your most recent activities, allowing you to easily return to your work after switching between devices:




This means you can start a search from your desktop and then work with the results of that search from your smartphone while you are at an appointment. Seamlessly transition between different devices in different locations while never losing a beat.

The Menu button, represented by three horizontal lines in the upper left corner, provides convenient, color-coded access to all connectMLS features, including some that are not present on the home page:




Regardless of where you are in connectMLS, the Menu icon always appears in the same location, providing consistent and simple navigation:




To access the connectMLS Help Center, go to the bottom of the Menu list and tap Help:




All of the Help features and functionality that are available on laptops and desktops are also available on your mobile device:




Note: when you go to the Help Center, it opens in a new, separate tab within your device’s browser. It does not just change from the page you were viewing to the Help Center, so you will not be able to use the back arrow to get back to where you were. You’ll need to go back to the browser tab in which connectMLS is active.


Here is how that works on an iPhone:

Tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to see all of your currently open Safari browser tabs:




You can see that there are separate tabs open for the connectMLS home page, the Help menu and the Help Center:




You can have the Help Center open in one tab and the connectMLS system open in another, and toggle between them as necessary.





Let’s check out at how larger buttons and mobile-friendly layouts are used to provide seamless access to a couple of the more common features.

We’re going to start with running a search and working with the results.

To begin, tap the orange Search icon at the top left of the home page:




Note: You can also start a search by tapping the Menu bars in the upper left. Then tap Search and select the type of search you’d like to run. If you are searching for properties, tap Search Listings.


The layout and function of the search screens are identical regardless of the device you are using. They look and function the same whether you are on a PC, laptop or smartphone:




As indicated in the above screenshot, use the Search Type field to select the property type you would like to search.

After running a search, tap the Results button in the upper right to view the listings:




As is the case when using a PC or laptop, there are Filters and Maps buttons in the top left of the results screen that allow you go back to the search filters or to view the properties on a map. Right beneath those buttons, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to switch between the different report types:




Now, let’s take a quick look at the Full Detail report.

Thanks to the large text, mobile friendly-spacing and convenient navigation features, it’s easy to view and interact with the listing data. The section across the top of the listing (right above the address) provides access to several important features:  view additional information about the current property you are viewing (3): 



  1. Use the drop-down menu to switch report formats.
  2. Navigate between your search results with the forward/backward arrows.
  3. Share the listing on social media or via text/email.
  4. See additional information about the current property, including attached documents, tax reports and property/listing history.


Here's a look at more of the reports and tools that are available from the Additional Info icon 2024-04-12_13-58-02.jpg:





We hope that this brief tutorial has demonstrated some of the highlights of accessing connectMLS from a mobile device. connectMLS’s unique mobile responsive design allows you to seamlessly move from your PC or laptop to a smartphone or tablet without any loss of functionality.




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