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Printing listings from connectMLS is a very straightforward process.

After you have performed your search, view the matching properties and select those you would like to print by putting a check in the box.

Note: the check box location differs based on the report you are in. It is generally on the left or upper left corner of the report.

Once you have selected the listings, click the print icon 2023-02-14_11-36-57.jpg in the upper right corner of the screen:




There's a lot going on in the Print Listings dialog box:



  1. The Properties to Print section allows you to choose to print all of your search results, or just those listings that you selected with the check box.

  2. Report Selections is where you choose the report type(s) you want to print. You can select as many reports as you'd like. They will be sent to the printer in the order in which you check them.

    If you would like to print a custom report you have created, there is a separate section at the bottom of Report Selections that contains your custom reports that are availble to print:


    It is important to remember that custom reports are property type-specific. If you initially created a custom report after running a Land search, that custom report is only available from Land searches (or Hotsheets). You will not have access to it from a Single Family search.

    Note: our connectMLS system will not have every display option that was available in Matrix. Many of the reports in Connect are very similar to (but not exact matches for) Matrix displays. 
    When printing listings, if all of the desired information is not available in one report, you can mix and match options from the Report Selections section and combine multiple reports to provide all of the information for your client.

  3. There are additional options available in the Search Criteria/Statistics and Map Preferences section at the bottom of the window. You can include your search criteria, some statistics and/or a map at the top of your printout:


  4. Click Preview to see how your printout will look.

  5. Click Print to send the report(s) to your printer.

  6. Save as PDF allows you to save your report as a PDF file on your computer. This is helpful if you would like to send the listing(s) as an attachment to an email you are sending from your own email client (as opposed to emailing it directly from connectMLS). This is what you would use if you want to email an agent-facing report. Click here for an article that explains this process. 

  7. Click Close to get out of the Print Listings window without printing anything.


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