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The Client Activity widget provides many different tools for you to keep up to date on what your clients have been up to, all from the convenience of the connectMLS home page. You can easily stay informed about listings they have shown interest in, keep track of items you have sent them from connectMLS, and much more.

As is the case with most home page widgets, you can place the Client Activity widget anywhere on the connectMLS home page (via drag and drop). We strongly suggest that you position Client Activity so there are no other widgets directly beneath it. Client Activity is essentially a scrolling activity feed, much like a social media feed (such as Instagram or Facebook). Depending on how you have set the drop-down filters at the top, the widget can get extremely long. If you have placed another widget beneath it, you may have to do a lot of scrolling to get to the bottom of Client Activity in order to see what's beneath it. If you make sure not to place any other widgets beneath Client Activity, you can be certain that there is nothing hidden from your view.

There are two tabs at the top of the widget- All Activity and Login Activity:



All Activity allows you to keep track of a handful of different interactions you can have with your clients, whereas Login Activity lets you see when your clients are logging into their Client Portal.

The All Activity tab is where you will likely spend the majority of your time when you are working with the Client Activity widget, so that is where will we begin focusing.

There are three tabs across the top of All Activity:



All Updates provides insight on 8 different client interactions/activities:



You can quickly see any CMAs, Financial Reports or Flyers you have created. You can also monitor client activity, such as when they comment on a listing or mark a property as a Favorite. Additionally, Client Activity provides an efficient way for you to keep track of the properties you have emailed, both manually and through auto emails.

Depending on your selection in the first drop-down, you Client Activity widget may become very large and require a lot of scrolling. For instance, if you have selected All Updates or Listings Sent and you have dozens (or even hundreds) of clients, the widget will be very long and cumbersome to scroll through, espcially if you are looking for just one specific item. That is where the other two drop-downs com in very handy.

The middle drop-down menu allows you to narrow down the desired activity to a specific time frame:



Regardless of the activity you have selected in the first drop-down, you can choose to see only the past 1, 2, 7 or 30 days back. Or, if those time frames are not suitable, you can select All, which provides all information on that specific activity since you started using connectMLS.

The last drop-down allows you to get a lot more granular with your search, as it gives you the ability to only see activity for a specific client:



There are a couple of icons in the upper right of the widget that control how items display:



The 2023-02-13_11-25-27.jpg icon displays the feed in a single line view:



The 2023-02-13_11-25-02.jpg icon displays activity in a thumbnail view, which provides a bit more information but makes the feed a lot longer to scroll through:



Whichever icon is shaded blue is the one that is currently being used. 



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